Artist: Yonnie G. Photo Credit: Fireside Films


A Digital Gallery of Patient Artwork

The CALM Team is wholehearted about the power of creative expression for personal growth and interpersonal connection. That is why we have chosen to center artwork from clients of affiliated clinics in the offices, at our events, and here. Enjoy!


My artist name is Yonnie G. I’ve always loved to do arts and crafts since I was little.

Over time as I got older and started experiencing more, I learned that painting and customizing was a coping skill for me. When I’m doing that, I feel like I’m in my own world, like there’s just nothing else to worry about in the moment. I try my best to make my art relatable for people who’ve experienced or are going through things that aren’t easy. I want to offer them the message that they aren’t alone.


I started making art as a form of therapy. It helps slow down my thoughts and pass the time. I love making collages or vision boards. However, I also love stained glass style paintings.


I started writing as a little girl. Writing journals daily started to turn into this rhyming array of emotions then that turned to poetry. I have books and journals all over the place filled with the idiosyncrasies of my mind and I am working on a poetry/journal book to share with the world.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I started it because I believe that now more than ever people are looking for self-help answers to the most profound questions…to understand the space we hold now and how to navigate our internal compass.

I do also take commissions and/or personalized requests.

Accepts Zelle for payment.


My name is Zelie Rose, I use my paintings to express complex emotions and feelings that I work to overcome. You can contact me by email or message me on instagram.


For many people like Iro Dreamclaw, art and creativity are powerful, life-strengthening tools. His artwork often includes poetic and positive messages.

His words have been seen across Greater New Orleans by virtue of its inclusion in a set of 2022 CALM transit ads, for which we’ve gotten wonderful feedback. The evocative phrases with a visual punch are compelling and linger in the imagination.

If you are current EPIC patient and would like to be a part of the Open Mind digital art gallery, please contact or talk to a CALM staff member next time you are in the office.


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